Cajun Creole Season-All


GLEN’S CAJUN CREOLE SEASON-ALL-NO MSG is “Low Salt and More Spice.”  It enhances the flavor of your food and has been welcomed by people trying to reduce their salt intake.

                                               4oz. Handy Size!

Use it like salt and pepper.  This can be used on all meats, seafood, poultry, vegetables, soups, salads, cracklins, french fries & popcorn.

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Item # Quantity Size Price Buy Here
CCSA1CN4 1 4 oz. canister $4.78

CCSA6CN4 6 4 oz. canisters $21.94

CCSA12CN4 12 4 oz. canisters $38.96

CCSA1CN8 1 8 oz. canister $8.55
CCSA6CN8 6 8 oz. canisters $31.52
CCSA12CN8 12 8 oz. canisters $56.24



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